Key Ways Beacon Technology Amplifies Attendee Tradeshow Engagement


Key Ways Beacon Technology Amplifies Attendee Trade show Engagement

Human beings want to find what they need the second the need it. This has never been more accurate
than today. With the answer to every question at our fingertips (Google anyone?) and directions to
anywhere in the world a simple voice command away, we’ve been taught that patience is a virtue we
don’t need.

Navigating tradeshows fits into this realm.

Gone are the days were attendees willingly fight with a map of booth exhibitors, search for the next
meeting room, and wander around until they find lunch. Today’s tradeshow participants expect to
smoothly sail through the tradeshow and access exactly what they need. “What do I need to do to check
in?” “Where are the exhibitors I want to talk with?” “How can I find the sessions I’m interested in?” All
these answers better be “fast and easy” or attendees will be frustrated, and the tradeshow will start
losing popularity and attendance will erode. Boo!
The great news is that beacon technology is a solution that solves the problem of
tradeshow navigation.


Beacon technology is a way for event organizers to communicate effectively, in real-time, directly to
attendees’ smartphones. It sounds complicated, but it’s not. First, you have attendees download the
event’s app. Then, small beacons placed strategically around the event location emit Bluetooth Low
Energy (BLE) signals and “talk” to attendees’ smartphones. Beacons can connect attendees with a
variety of important messages that make their experience more interactive and satisfying than it’s ever

Tradeshow events benefit from using beacon technology in several ways.
 Micro-event spotlight. During a tradeshow, there are usually fun and interesting events within
the planned activities. Using beacon technology to send a notification about a giveaway
announcement, send an invitation about a pop-up game or speaker, as well as share changes and
additions to the schedules are all ways to keep attendees informed and engaged.
 Digital mapping. “What is where?” This is a question that most people ask on the first day of a
tradeshow. Beacons can guide users to the exhibit hall, sessions, and speakers. In addition,
important things like food and bathrooms can be located with beacons. This gives attendees an
easier way of getting around, so they can spend their time enjoying and learning from the
 Coupons and short-term promotion. Consumers love a deal, and beacon technology offers
tradeshow planners a way to extend promotions to attendees. Coupons for discounts on speakers’
books or savings on future tradeshow bookings are two of the many ways to creatively engage
visitors with promotions directly through beacons.

Beacon technology creates a smoother, more seamless experience that enriches the experience
of tradeshow attendees at different points throughout the event.

 Pre-show registration. By asking the registrants to download the app, messages and information
can be sent to them as soon as they arrive at the location through beacons.
 During the event. Attendees get the most out of the tradeshow offering by knowing important
things like when the exhibit hall opens and how to find the wi-fi stations.
 After the event. Beacons compile information on the attendees that tradeshow planners can
analyze. These findings help pinpoint the popular portions of the conference and the parts that need
Tradeshow planning should include beacon technology. Implementing it, along with an application, into
the mix decreases attendee confusion and frustration when looking for specific parts of the tradeshow
offerings. This technology increases attendee interaction and engagement and it paves the way for them
to get more out of the tradeshow.  Disrupt the norm at your next tradeshow with beacon technology!

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