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The Role of Beacon Technology in Smart Cities

In the developing world, as much as 80% of the economic growth will occur in cities. There are currently 1.3 million people moving into cities each week. By 2040, 65% of the population are expected to be living in cities. These statistics are compelling evidence the world is becoming more urbanized than ever before. Proximity […]

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5 Ways Attractions Are Using Beacon Technology to Amplify their Visitor Experience

Attracting visitors is a top priority of today’s attractions, whether it’s an amusement park, museum, festival, or zoo. Few visitors translate into low profits. Attractions must constantly keep up with the best way to attract visitors as well as think about how to enrich their experience once they get them through the door. Traditional forms […]

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How Beacon Technology Is Disrupting Traditional Tradeshows and Event Planning And Why It’s A Good Thing!

Beacon Technology is one of the most helpful advancements for marketers that’s come about in years. With customer experience expectations at an all-time high, event planners and tradeshow coordinators are constantly challenged to find ways to make sure their events’ perceived return on investment (ROI) is high for attendees. Event-specific applications that attendees download in […]

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Key Ways Beacon Technology Amplifies Attendee Tradeshow Engagement

Human beings want to find what they need the second the need it. This has never been more accurate than today. With the answer to every question at our fingertips (Google anyone?) and directions to anywhere in the world a simple voice command away, we’ve been taught that patience is a virtue we don’t need. Navigating tradeshows […]

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ThinkProxi Announces Two New Key Hires for Sales Division

MEMPHIS, Tenn., June 27, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — ThinkProxi, an international proximity marketing technology company, recently announced the addition of Ritu Mitra and Dave Brunozzi as National Account Executives. Read More…

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TREND ALERT: Using Beacon Technology in Museums to Entice Millennials

Studies have shown that the dependence on the Internet of Things and smartphones has increased dramatically, especially with millennials. The generation is said to spend more than 5 hours day on their devices, so it can be concluded that the attention span of millennials is relatively short. With proximity marketing and beacon technology on the […]

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Gamifying the Museum Experience Through Beacon Technology

It’s a known fact that a huge number of today’s population has a smartphone, and most of those people, especially millennials, are consumed by the games and apps on their phones. Remember the game Pokémon Go? People were literally obsessed with it, and would travel far and wide to catch digital Pokémon. This same type […]

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Who Said Visiting a Museum Is a Boring Experience?

Do you worry about your patrons thinking that walking through exhibit after exhibit, reading descriptions of old stuff, makes them yawn? Would they rather park in front of the TV and tune into the latest Netflix movie than drive to your museum for the afternoon? You are not alone if this concerns you. With museum attendance […]

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ThinkProxi Announces Famous Beale Street Implemented Beacon Technology

Location Intelligence Helps Visitors Drive their Own Unique Experience October 26, 2017 Memphis TN: ThinkProxi LLC, an international location-intelligence technology company, recently announced they were selected to build an app and implement beacon technology on the world-famous Beale Street in Memphis TN. “We wanted to provide a more interactive experience to our visitors, “says Jon […]

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Beale Street ‘brings home the beacon’ with new app by ThinkProxi

Beale Street app by Thinkproxi has been featured in Memphis Business Journal. By Elle Perry – Digital Producer, Memphis Business Journal. Read More..  

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