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Beacon technology events event planners to simultaneously improve the attendees’ experiences and gather intelligence and statistics that measure the event’s success.

Tradeshows: Beacons provide wayfinding, and track check-ins, booth activities, and time spent in sessions. Push session time and location changes out easily, and share promotions and coupons seamlessly. Beacons also provide valuable insights on attendee preferences and behaviors that can be used in future marketing endeavors.

  • Gamification Feature - Allows speakers to interact with the audience in a live setting, offering live polling and Q&A along with other customization game features enhancing audience attention and participation
  • Gamification Feature - Badge awards for completing tasks throughout the conference. Downloading the app, participating in sessions, visiting exhibitor halls, completing session survey ect... These activities/tasks will award badges to attendees, and there will be a leader board inside the app showing who has the most badges, and who completes them all first.
  • Proximity Feature - Seamless CE tracking with session reports for each attendee with the app downloaded on their device being checked in an out of each session and the appropriate CE credits awarded based on time spent. App does not need to be opened for the check in to take place, simply downloaded
Events / Conferences / Tradeshows

  • Social Feature - Social wall, with scrolling pictures, and updates throughout the conference. Serves as branding, and awareness component when linked through twitter feeds, and also promotes app downloads and usage
  • Session Survey - Ditch paper surveys and go green with electronic surveys after each session, and push notification reminders to each attendee ensuring they fill out the survey for the session they just attended
  • Agenda Feature - Custom agenda for each attendee allowing them to pick which sessions, events, and key note speakers they would like to have on their in app personal agenda. Also, we can send notifications when each selected item is about to start, making sure you never miss a session
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  • Security Feature - We can use this across all verticals, and allow for beacons to triangulate app users locations in the case of any emergency situations.
  • Concerts/Festivals: Concert goers can easily share their experience online, expanding the event’s brand reach. Wayfinding to exits, restrooms, and medical increase safety, and attendees don’t have to deal with paper maps, schedules, or tickets.
  • Sporting: Push out fun gamification such as trivia or interesting stadium facts. Increase repeat visitors by promoting special offers on current and future games and matches. Use beacons for wayfinding to seats, as well as nearby transit options. Ping real-time contest results, scores, and other in-depth information.
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